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10W SMA Attenuator coaxial Attenuator sma male to female DC-3GHz 50ohm

Construction and usage
Attenuators are usually passive devices made from simple voltage divider networks. Switching between different resistances forms adjustable stepped attenuators and continuously adjustable ones using potentiometers. For higher frequencies precisely matched low VSWR resistance networks are used.

Fixed attenuators in circuits are used to lower voltage, dissipate power, and to improve impedance matching. In measuring signals, attenuator pads or adapters are used to lower the amplitude of the signal a known amount to enable measurements, or to protect the measuring device from signal levels that might damage it. Attenuators are also used to 'match' impedance by lowering apparent SWR.

Description :

1. Maximum Frequency: 3.0 GHz

2. Impedance: 50 Ohm

3. Power: 10W

4. VSWR : 1. 20 Maximum

5.Less 1db


Package includes:
1pc  x SMA type 10W attenuator

10W SMA male to female connector RF attenuator

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