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SURECOM  Wire  APP Based PTT Earpiece for Zello App on Android I-OS


  • POC Audio Accessory Solution
  • For Zello App on iOS and Android.
  • Ear for hygeine & all-day comfort.
  • Noise Reduction Knowles Microphone.
  • Front Facing PTT Button.
  • Designed & Engineered in the HONGKONG

This is our NEWEST invention for our customers wanting to use PTT apps

on cell phones and tablets. 

Most cell phones and tablets do not support any kind of

external Push-to-Talk (PTT) function on their accessory plugs,

so users have either had to use the device screen or Bluetooth to make the PTT work.

Sometimes it's not easy to push a PTT on the device screen,

and Bluetooth can be inconvenient since it needs pairing,

battery charging, etc.
The SE-01 PTT solves this problem by having the computer software inside! 

(like phone calling, music playing, photo taking, etc.)

The SE-01 PTT button activates computer software that communicates

to the phone or tablet and activates

the PTT of the PoC App. directly.
The SE-01 PTT works just like a normal PTT, push to talk and release to listen.

There is no battery to charge and the SE-01 does not add any battery drain

to your phone or tablet

(the SE-01 has a small disposable battery you can easily change,

but it will last from 1 to 2 years so it is very inexpensive to operate.)

Using the SE-01 is super easy!

Select 'External PTT' in your PoC App

(not every PTT App supports external PTT, so check first.)

Plug in the SE-01, and simply press the PTT to start talking.

There is nothing to pair, nothing to charge. Couldn't be much easier!


SE01 Wire Software APP Based PTT Earpiece for Zello

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