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New ver 4.0 Frequency Counter SF-401 PLUS SURECOM Portable CTCSS/DCS Decoder 

Feature & Specification:

  •    Frequency range: 27Mhz-3000Mhz
    ! Note: (27MHz to 100MHz It can not be guaranteed and the corresponding normal emission appliance)

  •   CTCSS/DCS Decoder  (must be 136-174/400-520MHz)

  •    Frequency counter for DMR radio

  •    Frequency digital 0.000  or 0.0000  ( +-0.001)

  •    Work by TCXO( Temperature Compensate X'tal (crystal) Oscillator) 2~2.5ppm

  •     Frequency Response time:  0.2-0.5sec.( CTCSS/CDCSS >0.5-1sec) 

  •     TFT Color Display 240 x 320 ,LCD Dim level setting

  •     Build-in  Li-ion battery

  •     Net Weight: 113g 

  •     4 buttons control

  •     Auto power off  1-9minutes   

  •     Charging battery LED indicator  .........



SF-103 Portable Frequency Counter 2MHz - 2.8GHz 

The SURECOM SF-103 hand-held frequency counter is a more practical counter, even advanced features such as field strength measurement are incorporated. It is compact, truly pocket sized, test instrument designed for ease of use and dependable performance. Supplied as a complete with internal Li-ion battery pack, AC wall charger and antenna.


  • The frequency meter capable of measuring the parameters of the frequency of the continuous carrier signal walkie-talkies , with signal strength indicator........

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