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S.W.R. & Power Meter Instruction Manual
This SWR & Power meter is a highly accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power,Reflected Power, and VSWR.

Main Features:
· Large meter display for easy reading.
· Forward RF power readings, switchable to indicate either average      power 
· Reflected RF power readings.
· VSWR ratios.
· Convenient control for easy operation.


MODEL          SW-32 UV
Frequency Range          125-525MHz 
Power Range    0.2W to 100W    
Power Scale     10W,100W    
Maximum Power     100W    
Accuracy 10W Range      +/- 10 % (AVG)    
Accuracy 100W Range      +/- 5   % (AVG)    
VSWR     Min Power required = 2 Watt for F.S.D.    
Input/Output Impedance     50 Ohms    
Input/Output Connectors     SO-239      
Size     76(W) x 100 (H) x 10.5 (D)    
Weight    406g    
Accessories   : Instruction Manual    


Explanation of Features:

1.  Meter Display: Indicates Forward/Reflected Power in Watts and SWR ratio
2.  Meter Zero adjust: Mechanical zero adjustment for meter needle .
3.  Range Switch: Selects RF Power Ranges of 10W and 100W .
4.  Blue Switch 1: Selects POWER ,  SWR function .
5.  Red Switch 2: POWER of (REF/ FWD) , SWR of (SET SWR  / SWR) .
6.  SWR SET Control Knob: Sets full scale deflection when measuring VSWR.
7.  ANT Connector : Coax connector to 50 Ohm antenna system.
8.  TX Connector : Coax connector to transmitter 50 Ohm RF output.





SURECOM SW-32VU 125-525MHz 100WATT SWR & Power Meter

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