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Repeater Cable for iCOM Mobile Radio

Fit for mic jack type :

ICOM :HM-113 HM-103 : IC-2200 IC703 IC706MK1 IC706MK2 IC706MK3,IC2000, IC2000H,MH-151: IC-208, IC2100H, IC2200H, IC2725E, IC2820,HM-133 IC-7000 ,IC-V8000HM-98: IC-2800 SM-25 SM-100/T: F320 F420 F1020 F2020,F121,F221,F521, F620, F621/TR, F1721D, F182D, F272D,F282D FR3000 FR4000FR5000 FR5100 FR6100. ALINCO DR140-DR605

Cable Detail:
Plug to Radio mic in : 8 pin RJ45
Plug to Mobile ext. speaker out : 3.5mm x15mm mono.
Plug to Surecom Repeater in : 3.5mm x17mm 4 contact

Package include:
1 x Parts No. 48- to All Repeater cable 
1 x Parts No.50-S1  for ICOM Mobile Radio 

48-50-S Repeater Cable for ICOM IC-2200H, IC-E208, IC-208H, IC-2100H USD 7.20

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