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SWR/RF/Field Strength Test Meter

  • 3 function analog meter for SWR , RF power and field strength
  • Indicates the condition of a 50 ohm antenna and coax used for CB operation
  • Tests for SWR or relative power
  • 10 watt and 100 watt switches
  • Forward and reverse switches
Model  SW-114
SWR :1:1 to 3:1
Frequency : 27-30MHz CB Radio band
RF Power : 0-10WATT / 0-100WATT
Connector : SO239
Impedance : 52 ohms
Item Weight 410g
Product Dimensions 120(W) X 60(H) X 65(D)mm
Package include :
1x F
ield strength Antenna
1x English Manual 

How to tune the CB antenna using the SWR external meter

Turn your CB off and disconnect the antenna coax cable from the back of your radio.

Connect the end of your antenna coax to the SWR meter where it indicates "antenna" or "ANT". The connector inputs could be on the back and the labels on the front of the meter.

Connect the short coax jumper cable coming from the transmitter position on the SWR meter to the back of the CB where you took off the coax cable in step 1.

Close the hood and doors on your vehicle, and make sure there are no people or other large vehicles around the vehicle area.

Turn on the CB.

Set the CB to channel 40.

Set the SWR meter to the FWD (forward) position.

Key the microphone by depressing the talk button and turn knob until the SWR meter indicates the "set" position. Unkey the microphone by letting up on the talk button. Please note that many meters will have both an SWR and RF Power scale so be sure to read the SWR reading.

Flip the SWR meter to the "REF" (reflect) position.

Key the microphone and look at the SWR reading on the SWR meter for channel 40. Take note of that reading.

Repeat steps 6 through 10, this time on channel 1.

See SWR Range Explanations below. The lower the reading, the better your CB radio will perform. The goal is to set the antenna to the lowest SWR readings possible, evenly across the 40 channels- for example, the reading on channel 1 and 40 at the same at 1.5. By having the SWR readings match on channel 1 and 40, your radio will perform well on any of the channels within the 40 channel bandwidth. If they do not match, adjusting the antenna is advised.

IMPORTANT: If the meter reading is in the red zone, indicating HIGH SWR readings, DO NOT operate the CB. You could potentially damage your radio.

SURECOM SW-114 27-30MHz HF SWR/RF/Field Strength Test Meter

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