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Surecom waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Microphone PTT for Android Phone POC walketalkie


Main features:

3 hours to complete the charge

standby time about 100 hours

support mobile phone, intercom and music automatic switching

support volume control

extra 3.5mm plug headphones

support Bluetooth A2DP music playback 

Function: for Andriod Phone / I-OS /POC 
App : Zello , 409PTT  



Bluetooth Ham Radio PTT Speaker Mic for Android Walkie Talkie for ZELLO

​A certified push-to-talk hardware created specifically for Zello

  • Use a dedicated hardware button for push-to-talk.

  • Listen clearly in noisy environments through a headset or more powerful speaker.

  • Keep your phone locked and safe in your pocket, or talk and listen while using other apps.

  • Your Android devices need either a data plan or a WiFi connection.



Radio Zello Phone Dual PTT Mix Talk Bluetooth Speaker Microphone 

Functional Description:

Telephone processing:

  • Support mobile hands-free functions, mobile phones, intercom and music automatic switching

  • Support voice dial-up

  • Last code replay

  • Telephone answering, reject and hang up

  • modulation

  • A2DP music:

  • Support Bluetooth A2DP music playback

  • Can enjoy mobile stereo music or other A2DP music sources

  • Using the Bluetooth AVRCP protocol, the remote music playback can be suspended, the last or the next

  • Independent volume control button

  • Volume storage

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