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SW-112  HF 1.5-70MHz
SW-112  VU 125-525MHz

V.S.W.R. meter Introduction

V.S.W.R. Forward and reflected power direct digital readout, without any calibration.
Maximum measurable power range up to 120W.
low insertion loss (0.3 decibels or less) structure allows it to be permanently connected.
All Function (  S.W.R, F.W, R.W,)


Feature & Specification
Frequency range (HF):  1.5-70MHz 
Frequency range (VU
):  125-525MHz 
Measurable power range: 0 - 120W
Measurable S.W.R range: 1.00:1~10:1
Maximum power: 120W
Impedance: 50Ω
Size: W 76 X H 77 X D35 mm.
Weight: < 220 grams

Lamp DC in:5V-12V

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Interface:  SO239 

MAX. Power in:120 W        

V.S.W.R1.00 :1 ~ 10:1

Frequency Range Cover: 1.5MHz-70MHz
Frequency Range Cover: 125MHz-525MHz

Insertion Loss< 0.15dB(VHF) , < 0.25dB(UHF)

Temperature -30 0℃~60℃

Lamp DC in:5V-12V

Size:  (mm)

Lamp in 5V~12V  
Interface (in and out ) SO239 (SL16)



* Supplier, the product will add functionality without having to give notice



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