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Mini 25.615-30.105mhz Smart Radio Transceiver 4W Walkie Talkie for Car radio

Item specifics:
  • High power output 4W (H/L power selective)
  • Frequecny range: 25.615-30.105MHZ (3 groups selectable)
  • 40 storage channels
  • AM and FM mode switchable
  • AM and FM mode squelch level adjust 
  • RF gain control
  • Keypad lock 
  • Scan 
  • Frequency is fixed and unprogrammable 


General Specifications
Modulation modeAM/FM
Frequency range25.615-30.105MHz
Frequeny tolerance±5.0ppm
Input voltage12-13.8 V
Frequency controlPLL Synthesizer
Operating Temperature Range-25℃~ + 50℃
Current DrainTransmit: 2A MAX
Receive:Squelched 0.3A
VOL Max: 0.8A
Antenna ConnectorUHF, SO-239
Transmitter Specifications
Power output4Watts FM/AM
Transmission interferenceinferior to 4nW(-54dBm)
Frequency Responce300-3000Hz
Modulated signal distortioninferior to 5%
Output Impedance50 ohms
Receiver Specifications
SensitivityLess than 1uV or 10dB(S+N)/N
Image Rejection70dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection60dB
IF Frequencies1st 10.695MHz
2nd 455Khz
Audio Output Power1 watts
Squelchless than 1uV
Frequency Responce300-3000Hz

Package include:

1x Surecom CB Radio 27MHz 
1x Mic  (RJ45 type)
1x Mounting 
1x Screw set
1x English Manual

Mini 25.615-30.105mhz Smart Radio Transceiver 8W Walkie Talkie for Car radio

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