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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Microphone PTT ZELLO FOR Android 409PTT 



Mic typeOmi-Direction MIC with DSP noise and echo cancellation
Bluetooth versionV3.0 Class 1
Bluetooth profileHSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP,SPP
BatteryLi-polymer Battery(1500mA/3.7V)
Single package size: 17X11X6 cm


Main Features:


1. Can connect to cellphone for calls handling (Answer/reject incoming calls, hang up calls, voice dialing, last number redial) and stereo music( support play, pause, forward and backward of music control through AVRCP)


2. Support full-duplex intercom up to 100M


3. Dual push to talk(PTT) buttons, two walkie talkies with bluetooth function or bluetooth adapter/ dongle could be controled at the same time, volume could be adjusted directy in the speaker mic


4. Can connect two bluetooth device such as cellphone, walkie talkie with bluetooth adapter and GPS navigator at the same time.


5. PTT over cellphone(POC): support various POC apps such asZello,Azetti,Eschat,Bper,etc  


6. Can hear the merged audio from both connected devices at the same time and talk separately


7. 3.5mm listen only earpiece jack attached in the speaker microphone


8. Waterproof design IP66



Functional Description:

Telephone processing:

  • Support mobile hands-free functions, mobile phones, intercom and music automatic switching
  • Support voice dial-up
  • Last code replay
  • Telephone answering, reject and hang up
  • modulation

A2DP music:

  • Support Bluetooth A2DP music playback
  • Can enjoy mobile stereo music or other A2DP music sources
  • Using the Bluetooth AVRCP protocol, the remote music playback can be suspended, the last or the next
  • Independent volume control button
  • Volume storage


  • Connecting two mobile phones at the same time
  • At the same time, connect a mobile phone and a de green Bluetooth adapter
  • At the same time, connect a mobile phone and a GPS navigator that supports HFP/HSP Bluetooth protocol
  • At the same time, connect a GPS navigator that supports HFP/HSP Bluetooth protocol and a walkie with de blue Bluetooth adapter

PTT function:

  • Connection de green Bluetooth adapter
  • Double PTT, can control two interphones separately
  • The mutual conversion of two PTT key functions
  • Independent volume control
  • Can connect two interphones at the same time, double PTT, can hear and reply from two interphone at the same time
  • Double PTT buttons can listen and reply to two phones or two interphones or a mobile phone and a interphone.

Connection speaker adapter:

  • Can be used with the German blue Bluetooth horn adapter
  • Easily activated / closed

Connection phone intercom software:

  • Supporting intercom software on Android and IOS mobile phones, such as Zello, Azetti, Bper, ease, sky wing, etc.

Full duplex talk 100 meters:

  • With full duplex intercom, the maximum distance is up to 100 meters
  • Using DSP denoising technology to ensure clear sound quality at high speed
  • Independent speaker volume control keys
  • Note: the actual use distance will be affected by geographical, weather, or other obstacles.

GPS navigator:

  • 1Connecting GPS navigator
  • 2Share the voice of the GPS navigator
  • 3Listening to a mixed voice from GPS and mobile phone
  • 4Independent volume control
  • 5Note: Third, listening to the function of the hybrid voice requires the GPS to be opened with the HFP/HSP 6Bluetooth protocol
  • 7Voice Announcements

Double speech mixed listening:

  • You can hear the mixed voice from two Bluetooth devices or two intercom groups at the same time
  • Phone call status can also listen to GPS navigation tips
  • Phone calls can also listen to interphone calls
  • High security, high privacy protection; can hear mixed voice from two Bluetooth devices at the same time 5.and separate the two voices from each other to avoid message leakage to third parties

Support De Qing remote control:

  • Remote control supporting one key remote control and 5 key remote control
  • 3 hours to complete the charge
  • Standby time of up to 100 hours
  • The remote controller also supports firmware upgrades

DSP secrecy function:

  • In view of the DSP security function set by the police, when the handset and two devices reply at the same time, press the PTT button to shield the other party, so as to avoid the leakage of the call information.

firmware upgrade:

  • Firmware can be upgraded
  • Without any other hardware, only the USB line is needed

Specification Parameter:

Bluetooth Version : V3.0

Supported Bluetooth Profiles : HSP, HFP, A2DP,AVRCP

Working Time : 14 hours

Charging Time : about 3 hours

Microphone type : DSP de-noising microphone

Support earphones : various types of 3.5mm plug earphones

Operation Range : 10 Meters

IP Rating : IP66

Battery Type : 1600mA Lithium-ion polymer

Rechargeable battery Working temperature : -15︒C~45︒C

Storage temperature : -25︒C~60︒C

Package in the box :

1 x H4 PTT Bluetooth Speaker Mic
1 x AC Adaptor
1 x USB Cable
1 x USER Manual

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Microphone PTT ZELLO FOR Android

SKU: 41-101
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