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The SR-629 is a multi-function and cheaper device that connects any handheld or mobile radio.
By equipment and so on our assemble the build, the new generation trunk-line board,the internal structure design are finer, the outward appearance is more attractive. Beside scan provide a the basic repeater function which has following the receiver transmitter,furthermore has the Simple connection, provides the more ideal 2-way radio conversation region for you, causes you maintains the relation in the bigger operating region.


Major Features

Works with most popular handheld radios
Multi- LED display 2 radio status , And controller Battery Level
Real time duplex repeater with link radio
Allows user to change the DTMF remote control password by radio
Operates on both build-in Li-ion battery 72 hours long life operation
External DC 5V  power supply
Professional manufacturer low power consumption
Two mode select

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When the radio units are connected, the received signal on a radio unit will
be real time transmit on the other radio unit.
Mode 1: When Radio A is RX, control to Radio B will TX.
               When Radio B is RX,  control no Funtion 

Mode 2 : When Radio A is RX, control to Radio B will TX.
               When Radio B is RX, control to Radio A will TX.

The purpose can be done in two different places and using different
frequency bands intercom, through our mutual communication relay station.

This is a radio cross band duplex repeater controller. It is an easy of operation
and cost effective and highly flexible platform for setting up bi-direction
cross band duplex repeater with mobile radio and handheld radio.

The SR-629 has 2 audio ports input and out , they are used to connect with mobile
and handheld radio.  Multi-LED display 2 of radio status , and build-in battery Level

Package Contents 

1x SR-629  Duplex Repeater Controller (Not include repeater cable)
1x English User Manual
1x USB charger cable 
1x USB AC adapter 100-240V 

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