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SW-102HF   1.5-70MHz  

V.S.W.R. meter Introduction

V.S.W.R. Forward and reflected power direct digital readout, without any calibration.
Maximum measurable power range up to 120W.
low insertion loss (0.3 decibels or less) structure allows it to be permanently connected.
All Function display (  S.W.R, F.W, R.W,Battery Level)


Feature & Specification
Frequency range:  1.5-70MHz 
Measurable power range: 0.5 - 120W(+-0.5%)
Measurable S.W.R range: 1.00:1~19.99:1
Maximum power: 120W
Impedance: 50Ω
Size: W 76 X H 77 X D35 mm.
Weight: < 220 grams
Battery : 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

* Not for the digital radio.

Interface: N-J Interface

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Interface:  SO239 

MAX. Power in :120 W        

V.S.W.R1.00 :1 ~ 19.99:1

Frequency Range COVER : 1.5MHz-70MHz 

Insertion Loss< 0.15dB(VHF) , < 0.25dB(UHF)

Temperature 0℃~60℃

Battery Level Display : Yes

Battery Build-in :3.7V Li-ion Battery

Auto Power Off : 1-9 mins

Size: 66*68*37 (mm)

Charger in 5V (micro usb)

Back-light AUTO OFF  

Interface (in and out ) SO239 (SL16)

Weight: 220g (include battery)


Power ON/OFF:

Press [Red button] 2 second to power on or power off









MENU Display  Content

1 LCD (Back Light off Time)0-9  , "0" is always on,  1 min  to  9 mins

2 POWER OFF 0-9   "0" is always on,  1 min  to  9 mins

3 Adjustment Forward Power -99  to  +99 Fine Tune Level %

* Supplier, the product will add functionality without having to give notice


  • Set & Save​:

  1. ​Press MENU [Blue button]

  2. Press F1 [Red button)(Select 1-3 Function)

  3. Press [Blue button] ( - ), [Yellow button] (+)

  4. Press the  [Red button ]for 2 seconds

  5. Press the  [Blue button] to SAVE and EXIT


  • How to Connect your Radio :
       TX : Connect to RADIO RF Output
    ANT : Connect to ANTENNA or 50 OHM Dummy Load
    ( Proper adaptor/cable is required if .your device has different type of connectors.)

  • How to charge your meter :
    Connect external USB DC+5V source  (e.g. USB charger) to micro USB input
    When display is showing 'E', it means the unit is powered by USB.
    When display is showing 'B', it means the unit is powered by internal battery.

  • How to use a swr meter to test antenna (SWR) : (pic 1)
    Measurement V.S.W.R. :  
    ​1)Radio RF output  connect to meter "TX" socket  .
    2)Antenna connect  to meter  "ANT" socket .    
    3)Push TX PTT from Radio, METER display is SWR measure data. 

  • How to use a meter to test the output Watt of your transceiver :
    Measurement Power:  
    ​1)Radio RF output  connect to meter "TX" socket  .
    2)50 Ohm Dummy  connect  to meter  "ANT" socket .    
    3)Push TX PTT from Radio, METER display is Power  measure data .

  • How to  rotate the display:
    Press Yellow button and hold to rotate display in 180 degree


  • Package Contents

  • 1x SURECOM  SW-102-HF

  • 1x Power PSU 100-240V

  • 1x Charger Cable 

  • 1x English Users Manual


sw102HF LCD.jpg


sw-102-HF display-2.jpg
sw-102-HF display-.jpg
125MHz -525MHz
125MHz -525MHz
1.6MHz -70MHz
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