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SW-28VU  125-525MHz   
SW-28HF     1.5-60MHz     


SWR & Power Meter 

This S.W.R. & Power meter is a highly accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power, Reflected Power, and V.S.W.R.

Main Features:
· O-LED meter display for easy reading.
· Forward RF power readings, switchable to indicate either average power.
· Reflected RF power readings.
· V.S.W.R. ratios.
· Convenient control for easy operation.

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SURECOM SW-28  SWR & Power Meter Instruction

- According to the fitting algorithm of the characteristics of the detector diode, coupled with the dual-reference segment detection, the accuracy in the power range of 0-120 watts is better than 5%.

- 5 kinds of interface display methods, choose according to your preferences, one-click switching.

- High-speed average detection method, real-time efficiency display.

- Buzzer alarm when a standing wave is greater than 2.0.
- Built-in lithium battery, which can be used for more than 100 hours on a single charge.

- Multi-function buttons make it more fun to use, reserve space for adding functions in the future and provide an additional interactive method.

Frequency range: 1.
5-60MHz (SW28HF)
Frequency range: 125-525
MHz (SW28VU)
Power measurement range: 0
Standing wave measurement range: 1.0:1-19.99:1

Insertion loss: <0.12dB
Insert standing wave: ≤1.02
Measurement accuracy: better than ±5%
Standing wave alarm: ≥3.0 (with close function)
RF interface type:  
Display content: forward power; standing wave; antenna power; efficiency.
Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery or USB type-C
Power off power consumption: <0.1uA
Data communication: USB type-c
Overall size: 88mm (W)*40
mm(H)*80mm(D) (excluding protruding parts)


A simple introduction to use:
- Long press to switch the machine, short press to switch the display interface, double click to switch the standing wave alarm;
- There are 5 kinds of display interfaces in total, which are automatically saved and automatically recalled the next time you start up.
- The red light is displayed when charging, and the light is off when fully charged.


Explanation of Features:

1. Power Switch.
2. 0.96" OLED  Display.
3. Menu.
4. Peak/Avg  or Enter  ( SW-28HF only ),  Enter (SW-28VU only)
5. Charger LED
6. 5V Charger in Type -C.
7. ANT Connector: Coax connector to 50 ohm antenna system.
8. TX Connector: Coax connector to transmitter 50 ohm RF output.
9. Model No.Detail & Work Frequency Range.


SW-28HF explanation of display

1.  Model No.
2.  Battery Level
3.  Forward watt data
4.  Forward watt data
5.  Version No.
7.  Reflected watt

1. MODE: Power on by Avg. /Peak
3. AUTORESET: OFF ~30sec.

SW-28 VU explanation of display

1.  Model No.
2.  Battery Level
3.  Forward watt data
4.  Forward watt data
5.  Version No.
7.  Reflected watt
8.  A(analog) ,D(DMR) 

1. BEEP: OFF / SWR> 3~9
2. AUTO RESET: OFF ~ 15 sec.
3. ADJ. WATT  :  + - 99  (long press Enter for + - )


How to Use :
The S.W.R.meter is connected between the r
adio (TX) and the antenna, as close as possible to the transceiver (use a cable of max. 40 cm like Test Jumper.

1)Check all connections.
2)Press the key of the microphone PTT to pass into the transmission and keep it in this position.
3)Read data of S.W.R. / Forward watt  / Reflected watt


What is a high SWR reading?

1.5 -> 2.0. Your antenna is acceptably tuned and should work fine.
2.0 -> 3.0. Your SWR reading is slightly high, it shouldn't damage your radio, but you should try and tune your antenna to bring down your SWR  reading.
Above 3.0 or more. Your antenna isn't tuned acceptably and could damage your radio.

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