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SW-28VU  125-525MHz  mini V.S.W.R. METER  
SW-28HF     1.5-60MHz   mini V.S.W.R. METER  


SWR & Power Meter 
This SWR & Power meter is a highly accurate RF meter for
measuring Forward Power,
Reflected Power, and VSWR.

Main Features:
· Large meter display for easy reading.
· Forward RF power readings, switchable to indicate either average power 
· Reflected RF power readings.
· VSWR ratios.
· Illuminated meter.
· Convenient control for easy operation.

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SURECOM SW-28  SWR & Power Meter Instruction

- According to the fitting algorithm of the characteristics of the detector diode, coupled with the dual-reference segment detection, the accuracy in the power range of 0.5W-120W is better than 5%.

- 5 kinds of interface display methods, choose according to your own preferences, one-click switching.

- High-speed average detection method, real-time efficiency display.

- Buzzer alarm when standing wave is greater than 2.0.
- Built-in lithium battery, can be used for more than 100 hours on a single charge.

- Multi-function buttons make it more fun to use, reserve space for adding functions in the future, and provide an additional interactive method.

Frequency range: 1.
5-60MHz (SW28HF)
Frequency range: 125-525
MHz (SW28VU)
Power measurement range: 0.5W-120W
Standing wave measurement range: 1.0:1-19.99:1

Insertion loss: <0.12dB
Insert standing wave: ≤1.02
Measurement accuracy: better than ±5%
Standing wave alarm: ≥2.0 (with close function)
RF interface type:  
Display content: forward power; standing wave; antenna power; efficiency.
Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery or USB type-C
Power off power consumption: <0.1uA
Data communication: USB type-c
Overall size: 88mm (W)*40
mm(H)*80mm(D) (excluding protruding parts)


Simple introduction to use:
- Long press to switch the machine, short press to switch the display interface, double click to switch the standing wave alarm;
- There are 5 kinds of display interface in total, which are automatically saved and automatically recalled the next time you start up.
- The red light is displayed when charging, and the light is off when fully charged.

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