SURECOM SW-33 markII 125-525 Mhz Mini Digital VHF/UHF Power & SWR Meter


1 VSWR. Forward  power direct digital readout, without any calibration. 
2. Maximum measurable power range up to 100W. 
3. 3 seconds check your antenna SWR , also check your radio RF power watt.
​4.Easy to install handheld Radio 





Measurable power range: 0.1-100W 
Maximum power: 100W 
Accuracy: mean + / - 5% 
* Not for the DMR digital radio

Features function 
Push red button and hol 3 sec.to" Power on " and "SWR "mode " Led display show sw33_swrmode
Push red button -" Power Meter "mode , Led display show   sw33_powermode
Push red button -" SWR "mode ,Led display show sw33_swrmode
Push red button and HOLD  -" POWER OFF

1.1How to use Power meter .
Push red button -switch on
Push red button  at once to mode "POWER meter "  ,Led display show  
Connect the SMA (mark TX)  to Radio output .
Connect the SMA to DUMMUY Load 

Caution : Please use correct dummy load , High power will damage the dummy load.

1.2How to use SWR meter .
Push red button -" Power on " and "SWR "modeDisplay show sw33_swrmode
Connect the SMA (mark TX) to Radio output .
Connect the SMA to ANTENNA 

When the the led  show 1.00 to 1.50   ,  1.5:1 mean the antenna is suit the frequency, 
When the the led  show 1.50  to 3.00 ​ ,  3.0:1mean the antenna is not good  suit the frequency, 
When the the led  show  up to 5.0 to 19.99​ ,5.0:1 mean the antenna is not  suit the frequency.

Package Contents 

1x English User Manual
1x USB charger cable 
1x USB AC adapter 100-240V 
1x SMA male to SMA male Adaptor
​1x SMA male to SMA female Adaptor
1x SMA female to BNC female Adaptor
1x SMA male to BNC male Adaptor
1x 5W DUMMY LOAD for testing / other type of 5W dummy load for testing (random)

Version information: 
VER.281 Production on   2017-2019   (without display on Power on )
VER. 291 Production on   2019-2020   (Display on Power on  show"291")
VER.130  Production on   2020-2021   (Display om Power show" 130")